ADTA Chapters

Chapters give ADTA members access to events, workshops, contacts, opportunities to network and get involved with dance/movement therapy on the local level. Elect to join a chapter when you sign up to be an ADTA member or anytime thereafter.  Chapters are organized by regions of the US.


Eastern Region

Central Region

Western Region

Members-at-Large can help connect you to chapters and study groups in your area. 
Contact your regional MAL.

Eastern Region: Naomi Nim ---

Central Region: Crystal Smith ---

Western Region: Amber Gray ---


 Chapter Contacts & Websites


New York                       
Vice President: Deniz Oktay ---
Recording Secretary: Angela Dewall ---     
Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Gail Ross ---

Treasurer: Jennifer Daniel

Fundraising Chair: Laura Raffa ---

Public Relations Chair: Rene Ortega ---

Program Chair:  Marie McKenna-Aguirre ---

Electronic Communications & IT Chair: Debbie Stone ---

Newsletter Editor: George Jagatic ---


New England                   
President: Leah Brett --- 

Vice President: Judith Ehrman-Shapiro ---

Secretary & Membership: Melanie Johnson --- 

Treasurer: Sivan Rose Elefson --- 

Student Representative:  Julia Vishnepolsky ---



Co-President: Nalini Prakash ---

Co-President: Emily Hall Ray ---

Secretary: Gail Wood ---

Treasurer: Catherine Davidson ---

Public Relations: Brigitta White ---

Membership: Sharon Mond ---

Co-Programs Chair: Warin Tepayayone ---

Newsletter: Kathy Wallens ---

Newsletter: Joyce Wolpert ---

Government Affairs: Eve Hanan




President: Angela Tatum Fairfax --- (Interim)       

Vice President: Angela Tatum Fairfax ---

Secretary: Dawn Morningstar ---

Treasurer: Jacelyn Biondo ---

Government Affairs: Beth McNamara ---

Programming: Jill Comins ---

Nomination Committee: Amberlee Venti --- and Melissa Nezda ---


New Jersey

Co-President: Sue Orkand --

Co-President:  Anat Ziv ---

Treasurer: Brandi Reinhard ---

Government Affairs Committee Chairperson: Kristin Pollock ---

Public Relations Committee Chairperson:  Katherine Cameron ---

Newsletter Editor: Anat Ziv ---

Newsletter Assistant: Laurie Beth Ludmer --

Secretary: Naomi Arad Broome ---

NJADTA Chapter:



President: Angela Wiley ---

Vice President: Virginia Hill ---

Secretary: Rayni Collins --- 

Treasurer: Rayni Collins ---


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President: Patricia Lucas ---

Secretary: Michael Gardos-Reid ---

Treasurer: Paul Sevett ---



Acting President: Tara Converse Rollins ---

Secretary: Rena Kornblum ---

Treasurer: Ann Wingate ---



President: Heidi McCardell-Wentworth -

Vice President: Wei-Chiung Chen -

Secretary: Sondra H. Malling ---

Treasurer: Sara Ogawa ---




President: Lea N. Comte ---

Secretary: Mikael Lovkvist ---

Treasurer: Suzy Matheason ---


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President: Jennifer Edwards ---

Vice President: Stefanie Endler ---

Secretary: Bess Eiermann ---

Treasurer: Akiko Kaji ---

Northern CA Programming Chair: Norlyn Asprec ---

Southern CA Programming Chair: Sara R. van Koningsveld -

Government Affairs: Ingrid Thomas ---

Communications Chair: Marybeth Weinstock ---

California Student Representative: Elizabeth Storm ---

Nominating Chair: Hilary Cadwell - turtle.wings@comcastnet


Rocky Mountain (Colorado)

President: Melissa Walker ---

Vice President: Melisa Sanzone -

Secretary: Alicia Patterson -

Treasurer: Lisa Bradley -


Washington State

President: Emily Day ---

Secretary: Allie Bulliman ---

Treasurer: Lenya Treewater ---

Oregon Study Group
President: Carolyn Johnson ---

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