A Letter to Interested Students


Every year more students contact us about dance/movement therapy and the profession!  The letter below contains valuable information on where you can find the information you need – whether you are writing a paper, completing a project, or want to pursue dance/movement therapy as a profession.  Even if you are just curious…take a look.


Dear Students,


The dance/movement therapy community welcomes your interest in our profession.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, but please check out the tips below first…


The ADTA website is a wealth of knowledge that includes the following sections:


•    About dance/movement therapy: An introduction for those new to dance/movement therapy.  Find the definition of dance/movement therapy here.   Click here


•    FAQs: The most common questions we receive about dance/movement therapy, the profession, Click here  and becoming a dance/movement therapist  Click here


•     Become a Dance/Movement Therapist: There are two routes to becoming credentialed as a dance/movement therapist. Click here  Current education and training opportunities listed here. Click here


•     Research: Bibliographies for articles on/related to dance/movement therapy.  Divided by topics. Click here


•     Public Relation Resources: ADTA brochures and handouts.  Print them up and use as handouts! Click here


•     DMT Photos & Videos: A visual understanding to dance/movement therapy and the profession. Click here


•     DMT in the News: Articles where dance/movement therapy takes center stage. Click here


•     Multiculturalism & Diversity in the ADTA: A committee dedicated to promoting a multicultural climate and reducing barriers to diversity in the dance/movement therapy profession. Click here


If you require/would like copies of brochures and handouts for your project, contact us well in advance (info@adta.org).  The ADTA Office would be happy to send these out. If you cannot find the information you require online, please contact us at info@adta.org. Be specific and clear regarding your questions/learning needs.


You will find that the dance/movement therapy community is willing and generous in its response to inquiries from students. However, they cannot help students write papers.


Thank you so much for your interest in dance/movement therapy!


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