The official ADTA Blog is calling for writers like you to educate the internet community about dance/movement therapy and provide resources for professionals in the field. We are looking for ADTA members with years of experience as well as students and those new to the field to author posts. Blog posts can vary in type, topic and length; see the general guideline below.

Blog post ideas:

  • Dance/Movement Therapy with [fill in the blank] highlighting dance/movement therapy work with a particular population
  • Research Summary of a recently released journal article relating to DMT field; see www.sciencedaily.com for great examples
  • Clinical Vignette sharing a breakthrough moment from a group or session
  • Photo Essay telling a story through a series of pictures and captions
  • Calls to Action for volunteer work, PR campaigns and requests from the Government Affairs Committee on legislative matters
  • Why I Became a Dance/Movement Therapist sharing a personal story and inspiring others with your journey

Blog Length Options: 
*Lengths can be applied to any type of blog post.

  • Shorty– 200 word max (about 1 paragraph). Should take about one minute to read.
  • Midi– 500 word max (about 3 paragraphs). Examples: dance/movement therapy with a special population, successful session description, featured topic of the month, research summary, etc.
  • Editorial/Special Feature– 800 word max. Requires query and pre-approval or special invitation by Blog Team Leadership

If you have questions or would like to contribute to the ADTA Blog, please contact the Blog Leadership Team via the form below. We hope to hear from you soon!

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