Jody WagerDear Colleagues and Distinguished Friends of Dance/Movement Therapy,

It is my sincere pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the official blog site of the American Dance Therapy Association. As newly elected president of the ADTA, I am thrilled to be stepping into this role during what feels like a very exciting time to be a dance/movement therapist. The launching of this latest platform is yet another example of how the times are changing and I am honored to have this opportunity to be one of the first of many to speak to you about the field of dance/movement therapy and the many aspects that impact and inform our work.

I want to publicly thank the chairperson of our Public Relations Committee, Lora Wilson Mau, and her outstanding blog team leadership, Ande Welling, Jennifer Giuglianotti and Melinda Malher-Moran, for designing and implementing this site. Their vision, talent, creativity and passion have fueled this project and brought it to fruition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating yet another way to share the work of dance/movement therapy with the rest of the world.

How often does one have the opportunity to go to work each day and love what you do? How special it is to have the people you work with, your clients or patients, to say to you “your groups make me want to get out of bed”. I love my work! I love dance/movement therapy! And the most remarkable thing of all is that I love it as much today as when I started 38 years ago. When I think about why this is … and I do think about this question often … I think about those moments, in the middle of a session, when the group is connected by dance and movement, feelings are being shared both verbally and non-verbally, support is palpable and healing is ‘in the air’. Those moments when the movement says it all and not a word needs to be uttered; hands being held at the end of an emotionally moving session, swaying together in unison while singing along to the song playing in that moment … ‘Lean On Me’. I think about those moments at the end of a session when I ask a patient how she feels, and she says “glad to be alive” … when just two days earlier she had attempted to take her own life. And I think about those moments when a young patient, draped under a sheet for privacy, shares his personal dance of rage, because words alone were not enough. These are just a few examples of why I love my work. There are many, many more, but I guess when all is said and done, I would say that I love being a dance/movement therapist because it moves me as much as it moves the people I share it with.

So stay tuned everyone … there is lots more coming. The ADTA is in the process of updating our public appearance as we prepare to enter our 50th anniversary year. These fresh new colors you see here on this site are just one example of the exciting changes to come. Look for these same colors on the main website soon. Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you return often … and I hope you find a way to bring more dance and movement into your life on a daily basis.



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