Multiculturalism and Diversity in Dance/Movement Therapy

Since its inception in 2008, the Multicultural and Diversity Committee of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA MDC) has been progressively widening the margins of inclusivity and integration. Through the Affinity Groups, the ADTA MDC has been providing support, education and a safe haven for those who have previously felt disenfranchised within the ADTA organizational and educational program structures.  Currently there are five active Affinity Groups:

  • Allies for Social Justice (ASJ)
  • Asian and Asian American Affinity Group (AAAAG)
  • Black Americans and African Descendants (BAAD)
  • Office of Afro-Latino Relations (OALR), a subsidiary of BAAD
  • LBGTQA Affinity Group
  • Spiritual Religious Affinity Group (SRAG).

To learn more or to get involved please visit any of the above links for further information.

Editor’s Note: Members of the MDC Committee are offering multiple webinars this month. The next webinar open for enrollment is February 11: Black History and the “Black Lives Matter” Movement — Implications for Dance/Movement Therapy Practice in a Supposed “Post-Racial” Society.  Join Lysa Monique Jenkins-Hayden, BBA, MA, CH, LPC to 1) gain foundational understandings about the definitions, theory, and clinical considerations about race, ethnicity, and racism; 2) gain insights about how the historical context contributes to modern day racism, known as microagressions; 3) gain foundational understanding of historical psychological theories of race and how they potentially inform current day client/clinician interaction.

Registration for ADTA members (Professional and Associate) is $25. Non-members may register for $35. The student fee is always $10.

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