Drum! Dance! Rise! – One Billion Rising Revolution!

One Billion Rising Mexico 2013

“Our dance shows our suffering and our strength, our wounds and our womanhood.

We dance to RISE above!”    ~ Kristine Winner, R-DMT

One Billion Rising 2013 Drexel

“I am rising because my voice matters.  I am dancing because my body IS my voice.”   

~ Lora Wilson Mau, BC-DMT

Kolkata Sanved: The outdoor event headed by Eve Ensler. Photo by Bonnie Bernstein. 2015

“I rise for the equality of men and women across the planet.” ~ Brigitta White, R-DMT


BSA One Billion Rising 2.13.13 B

“I rise for women who have suffered psychological violence.

Dance/Movement Therapy can offer support.”  ~  Alice Garfias, M.A.


“Dance is the primal response to life – dance and song. We rejoice. We return to claiming our lives. We are embodied and women in solidarity. We heal as we have for centuries. We soothe and claim each other again for life.”  ~Ann Cole, BC-DMT


Antioch, One Billion Rising 2013

Once again on this February 14, millions of men and women around the world are rising and dancing to protest the one in three women on the planet who are victims of violence. As dance/movement therapists around the globe join in this ongoing revolution, we remember and honor all those who have danced to raise their voices, and to demand change. Click on any image above to be taken to different videos collected in the ADTA One Billion Rising Playlist.



Invite inspiration to take hold and be moved to join the REVOLUTION.






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