Dance/Movement Therapy and Eating Disorders: An ADTA Talk

In observance of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, the American Dance Therapy Association has released a new ADTA Talk. Susan Kleinman, a board certified dance/movement therapist and certified eating disorder specialist, describes her work with individuals with eating disorders and the benefits of dance/movement therapy .

“One problem that exists for people with eating disorders is –  they do bury their feelings  – and the burial ground is the body,” says Kleinman. She explains that eating disorders provide an illusion of control by causing an over focus on body and food issues, in lieu of dealing with larger emotional issues.

Through the use of dance/movement therapy, Kleinman states “individuals can reclaim their connection with their body and with themselves by experiencing and expressing feelings and then identifying the connection between what they discover, metaphorically, and how they move through life.”

For more information about eating disorders, read and distribute this ADTA informational flyer.

Learn more about dance/movement therapy and eating disorders from Susan Kleinman’s post: Show Me the Way to My Soul: Dance/Movement Therapy for Individuals with Eating Disorders

ADTA Talks are made possible by a grant from the Marian Chace Foundation.

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