How Can I Become a Dance/Movement Therapist? How Long Does it Take?

First Steps to Becoming a Dance/Movement Therapist

There are a number of different ways to become a dance/movement therapist. One way is by attending an ADTA approved master’s program. Currently, (February 2019) there are seven approved programs:

Also, Rider University is launching a new DMT master’s program in Fall 2019; they are going through the ADTA approval process.

By attending one of these schools, graduates will take coursework and complete field placements and internships rendering them eligible for the Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) credential upon graduation. Most programs take two to three years to complete with full-time attendance. To find out more about each school, their focus, requirements, prerequisites, and the application process, contact each school directly.

A second option towards obtaining a dance/movement therapy education is through Alternate Route. This requires you to earn a master’s degree – preferably in a related field and take additional, approved dance/movement therapy coursework.  Alternate route training includes psychology coursework, field placement, internship, and dance experience.

This option affords more flexibility than the programmatic structure of a DMT graduate program, as you can complete your dance/movement therapy courses at your own pace based on the course scheduling throughout the year. Due to the flexible nature, the length of time it takes to complete alternate route training varies from student to student. After graduating from a master’s program and completing the required alternate route coursework, field placement and internship, you will be eligible to apply for credentials through the DMTCB.

There is a wealth of information regarding educational standards, master’s programs, and alternate route training on the ADTA website.

Learn more about dance/movement therapy:


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