Dance/Movement Therapy and Bullying Prevention in Schools: An ADTA Talk

In this informative ADTA Talk, Rena Kornblum, MCAT, BC-DMT, DTRL, discusses how dance/movement therapists are uniquely qualified to facilitate bullying prevention in schools.  Kornblum, author of “Disarming the Playground: Violence Prevention Through Movement and Pro-Social Skills” points to the power of empathy in breaking down the barriers that exist among students.

“Empathy training is something dance/movement therapists are uniquely qualified to do because it begins to develop on a body level first,” Kornblum said. “Empathy is the ability to feel what other people are feeling. … Matching someone’s energy, rhythm and movement qualities allows them to feel seen, heard, and accepted on an immediate embodied level.”

Working with children on these levels is vital to combating the serious impact of bullying. Kornblum explains: “It affects relationships, body concept, self image. It can keep a child from succeeding in school, stunting their ability to learn. It can have lifelong consequences, such as serious depression or even suicide.”

View Kornblum’s full talk and learn specifics on how to use dance, movement and the body to prevent bullying and create better verbal and nonverbal communication among children in classrooms.

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