It’s that time of year again – time to go  to the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) website and register for the annual conference. If you have not been to an ADTA conference for a while, this is the year to do it! In addition to the usual rich opportunities for learning and connecting with colleagues, this year the ADTA will be commemorating its 50th conference as well as kicking off a year-long celebration leading up to the 50th anniversary of the ADTA in 2016.

In honor of this momentous anniversary (as well as David Letterman’s recent retirement) I have assembled the following top ten reasons to attend the

ADTA 50th Annual Conference:

Reflecting – Reaching – Moving Forward

October 22-25, 2015; San Diego, CA


10. Opportunity to choose from 40 peer-reviewed workshops (including some in the swimming pool!) and eight in-depth pre-conference intensives.



9. Chance to give back to and expose a new community to dance/movement therapy at the Day of Service.

ADTA Awareness Day 2


8. Poster session, an international panel and membership meetings…oh my!



7. NEW: a self-renewal room with movement classes and quiet space throughout the conference.



6. Hear an inspired talk by Marylee Hardenbergh at the annual Marian Chace Foundation Lecture.

PicMonkey Collage2


5. Get a mini-vacation at a beautiful hotel in sunny La Jolla, California.

PicMonkey Collage


4. Time to reconnect with old colleagues and make new ones from the fast growing global dance/movement therapy community.



3. Dance, learn, play and revitalize your work.



2. SPECIAL THIS YEAR: 50th Anniversary programs and events throughout the conference that will allow you to actively participate in and celebrate this historic occasion.



1. The sweatiest, most kick-butt Saturday night dance  party anywhere!!!


So take your rightful place in ADTA’s history and run (or dance), don’t walk, to the ADTA website to register now!




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