Dance/movement therapists  from New York to California accepted the First Lady’s #GimmeFive Challenge and we captured them on video! Dance therapists inspired their co-workers in hospitals, VA clinics, and schools across the country to take a dance break and get down to “Uptown Funk.” ADTA Board of Directors take a #gimmefive dance break.Members of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) Board of Directors even found moments to #gimmefive during their annual spring meeting! (It wasn’t hard to convince them to take a dance break.)

The American Dance Therapy Association thanks Ellen and Michelle Obama for getting the nation dancing. The benefits of dancing are plentiful, influencing physical, cognitive and emotional health. Personal experiences with these benefits are what inspired many dancers to go to graduate school to become trained dance/movement therapists, to learn how to use dance and movement within a therapeutic relationship as credentialed mental health clinicians, to facilitate change, growth and integration for their clients.

There is an important difference between dancing for health and wellness and dance/movement therapy – if you’d like to understand that distinction, I recommend the ADTA Talk: The Difference Between “Therapeutic” Dance and Dance/Movement Therapy.

But for now, enjoy this mashup. Dance along, if you wish. It’s good for you!

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