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Photo By: Greg Inda
Photo By: Greg Inda

Thanksgiving is the time of year that Americans reflect on what we are grateful for. I have much to be grateful for this year, both personally and professionally.  Professionally speaking, I am grateful to be a part of the dance/movement therapy (DMT) tribe and to be able to call myself a dance/movement therapist.  Each day I get to dance and move with clients and witness the impact DMT has on my clients. Each day I get to do what I love to do.  In no particular order, below are 22 reasons why I am grateful to be a dance/movement therapist.


  1. I dance daily.

  2. I have the opportunity to collaborate with other creative arts therapists.  I specifically work with a music and an art therapist.

  3. I witness my clients express themselves through dance, movement and creativity.

  4. I help my clients meet their therapy goals in a creative way.

  5. I get to use my graduate degree.  As in, I have a job in my field.

  6. I have the privilege to do beautiful work (emphasis on privilege).

  7. I am not just a dancer or a therapist.  I am both.

  8. I provide a way for clients to express things that may be difficult to verbalize.

  9. I am usually surrounded by people who love to dance on a daily basis.

  10. I see the world through the lens of movement.

  11. I am a part of the DMT community.

  12. I give my clients permission to explore their authentic self in the DMT studio.

  13. I witness my clients connect with each through dancing, watching each other perform and collaborating artistically.

  14. I provide my clients choice by allowing them to explore a different way of moving, and thus a different way of being in the world.

  15. I know my own personal movement style because of my knowledge in DMT and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and that helps me be a more mindful person.

  16. I help nonverbal clients say something through the use of dance and movement.

  17. I have met amazing individuals (fellow dance/movement therapists or like-minded individuals) in my journey as a dance/movement therapist.

  18. I am deeply impacted by my clients’ wisdom on a daily basis.

  19. I am a walking, talking, breathing and moving advocate for the creative arts therapies.  My choice to become a dance/movement therapist has given visibility to DMT.

  20. I am an embodied person as a result of my continued DMT education and the work with my clients.

  21. I use my skills in dance, dance improvisation, choreography and LMA on a daily basis.

  22. My clients remind me daily of the beauty in the many different ways of being and dancing based on our array of abilities as individuals.

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