Highlight of the Dance/Movement Therapy Year

As 2015 winds down, I am reflecting on the meaningful moments of the year. As a dance/movement therapist the highlight of the working year is to take some time off to attend the biggest dance/movement therapy event in the United States. In 2015 the American Dance Therapy Association organized their annual conference: Reflecting–Reaching–Moving Forward. Held in San Diego, California in late October, this was ADTA’s 50th annual conference. Dance/movement therapists, students, professionals and allies joined together for four days of seminars, workshops, special events and good ol’ dancing fun.  Below is a photo essay of some of the wonderful moments from this year’s conference.

While many were participating in day-long and half-day intensive workshops, the ADTA Public Relations Committee produced a film shoot of 27 dance/movement therapists speaking about DMT for ADTA Talks 2015.


“That’s a wrap!” ADTA Public Relations Committee Members: Brianna Martin, Lora Wilson Mau, Melinda Malher-Moran, and Angie Giordano-Adams.

The opening ceremony  started the conference off with entertainment as well as news, information and inspiration for future projects including the 50/50 Campaign and the 50th Anniversary Mural Project.


The #50Years50Ways to Advocate for Dance/Movement Therapy Committee inspiring all to get involved. “What will YOU do?”


Dozens of workshops were offered throughout the weekend, including expert panels, experiential seminars, as well as aquatic dance/movement therapy.



Aquatic Dance/Movement Therapy

This conference hosted the first of its kind ‘dance/movement therapy in action’ photo shoot. The ADTA Public Relations Committee, assisted by conference volunteers,  staged mock dance/movement therapy sessions in order to increase the amount of dance/movement therapy media available online and in print.


The annual business breakfast, held nice and early, presented statistics on the exciting growth of the ADTA as well as several awards.

Leader of Tomorrow Angie-Giordano Adams and President Jody Wager

The International Panel brought together voices from all over the world to the discussion of dance/movement therapy.


The Marian Chace Foundation Lecture featured inspiring words from Marylee Hardenbergh.


The highlight of the conference was the Saturday evening banquet: the annual raffle, a moving In Memoriam video, hours of dancing, and the honoring of the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Cynthia Berrol.


The final morning of the conference began with Vision 2021 session. The Board of Directors invited members to brainstorm via embodied inquiry exercises and provide input to the future goals of the ADTA.


To end the conference, attendees celebrated with a movement choir and an honoring of the newly credentialed R-DMTs and BC-DMTs.



Now that 2016 is upon us, it is time to gear up for the ADTA’s 51st Conference. Held in the Washington D.C. area, this conference will cap the celebratory 50th year of the ADTA. If you are interested in presenting at ADTA’s 51st conference visit ADTA’s official website.

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