50 Years/50 Ways to Advocate for Dance/Movement Therapy


Dance/Movement Therapy?! What in the world is that?!”

In an exclamation made during the 50 Years/50 Ways To Advocate Campaign Skit at the 2015 conference, a major question was posed to dance/movement therapists in the United States and beyond: “How do we help the public learn about dance/movement therapy?”

Join the 50 Years/50 Ways to Advocate for Dance/Movement Therapy campaign, of course!

Starting at the Conference this past October and concluding at the 2016 Conference in Washington D.C., the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) celebrates 50 years of supporting the profession of dance/movement therapy by launching the 50/50 campaign with a goal to educate and advocate for dance/movement therapy in all 50 states and wherever dance/movement therapists are around the world!


By committing to advocate for dance/movement therapy in your community, no matter how big or small your action, you can help answer the above question and move the field of dance/movement therapy forward!

So far, dance/movement therapists have been pledging their advocacy by running stress reduction groups, giving radio interviews, training groups of nurses, presenting at conferences . . . and so much more! What will you do to assist the field of dance/movement therapy?

Need ideas?

Check out our List of Public Advocacy Ideas

Visit the ADTA website for more information on the campaign. There, you can read about what others are doing and who to contact to spread the word about what’s going on in your community! Be sure to use the hashtag #50Years50Ways throughout the campaign!

Have ideas?

 Post ways you will advocate in the comments below.  



To assist in your advocacy below are a few information blogs to share:

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned in to the ADTA Blog for “50 Years/50 Ways” highlights – inspired by those who are taking action!

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