5 Ways Dance/Movement Therapists Share Their Work with the World

Dance/Movement Therapists in Action

Since 1966, the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) has been the sole U.S. organization dedicated to the emerging field of dance/movement therapy. ADTA has pioneered and prioritized the education and advocacy of the profession worldwide. As access to technology has increased, the ADTA has evolved to create and distribute information about dance/movement therapy through multi-media channels.

This week, the ADTA celebrates 52 Years! In honor of the 50+ years of advocacy for the field of dance/movement therapy, here are the top five ways dance/movement therapists share their work with the world:

1. ADTA Talks

Produced in the style of TED talks, ADTA has published a series of brief videos that cover a wide range of topics pertaining to dance/movement therapy. Professional dance/movement therapists share their unique, clinical expertise on topics including depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, dementia among others.

2. Moments in Dance/Movement Therapy

Moments in Dance/Movement Therapy is a series of brief talks by professional dance/movement therapists detailing experiences with clients. Therapists describe the moment-by-moment interactions with clients as they occur on the mind and body levels, affecting physical and emotional experiences. Additionally, the speakers comment on challenges in sessions, as well as client success and positive growth, related to engagement in dance/movement therapy.

3. #GivingTuesday Campaign & Grant

In partnership with the Marian Chace Foundation, the ADTA offers annual #GivingTuesday grants for professionals to advocate and educate in their community. Grant recipients work with organizations to develop dance/movement therapy services for underserved populations, such as Veterans (featured in the 2016-2017 video above). The goals of ADTA’s #GivingTuesday Campaign & Grant are to offer access of dance/movement therapy services to individuals and groups who could benefit; to educate the public about the benefits of dance/movement therapy; and to increase job opportunities for ADTA members.

4. Dance/Movement Therapy – Year in Review

At ADTA’s Annual Conference, the organization highlights the dance/movement therapy work of its members. Each yearly slideshow offers a glimpse into the variety of work dance/movement therapists are doing around the world. It also celebrates advocacy and action by ADTA members and honors professionals in the field who have passed.

5. Dance/Movement Therapy on Social Media

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ADTA provides access to dance/movement therapy education and awareness through all major social media platforms. Not only is original content distributed, but shared access to evidence-informed, clinical information and the work of dance/movement therapists from around the world.


Celebrate American Dance Therapy Association!

In celebration of dance/movement therapy and the over 50 years of education and advocacy by the ADTA , engage your community with information about dance/movement therapy.


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