International Panel

Saturday, October 19th | 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Research in Dance/Movement Therapy: Diverse Global Approaches

The growth of international Dance/Movement Therapy research over the past 20 years is inspiring and will serve as the harbinger of expansion of our unique practice worldwide. This year’s Panel will explore the following issues:

  • How has this international expansion affected DMT research and practice in your area/country?
  • How do you envision international collaboration for DMT research?
  • How might this expansion and collaboration meet the need to reshape the field for the diverse demands of 2020 and beyond?

Something New!

A plan is in development to actively engage the Panel audience in an “in situ research experience” to further explore the theme of diverse approaches to inquiry. Check back for more details!

International Panel Chair: Miriam Roskin Berger

International Panel Co-Chair: Tricia Capello


Rebecca Barnstaple, Canada

Robyn Flaum Cruz, United States

Tal Shafir, Israel

Hideki Takahashi, Japan


Kyung Soon Ko, Korea

Sabine Koch, Germany