Special Plenary Panel

Saturday, October 19th | 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Honoring Multiplicity: An Embodied Keynote Experience

The ADTA continues its efforts on the journey to transform our community into one where all members feel free and safe to be their true selves. Toward this vital effort, the 2019 Keynote highlights embodied presentations by four Affinity Groups of the Multicultural and Diversity Committee; Asian-Asian American Affinity Group, LGBTQIA Affinity Group, Native American Affinity Group, Spirituality and Religion Affinity Group. Each Affinity Group provides a needed and significant contribution to this transformational effort through their unique voice and perspective as members of ADTA.

Embodiment in the title also refers to the Keynote attendees. As Dance/Movement Therapists we are asking you to witness and experience the Affinity Group presentations in and through your body. To let their voice resonate within you. After each presentation a short time will be set aside for you to express this witnessing in silence with movement, writing or drawing (bring your own materials). Time will also be included for further group responses to the Affinity Group presentations.

Moderating the Keynote is Carmen C. Marshall, Director of Consulting at Maryland Nonprofits. Carmen is working with the ADTA Board of Directors as a consultant and coach on all diversity efforts. She has over 25 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations creating actionable systems and supporting them to step into their power, calling and responsibility.