2019 Research and Thesis Project Poster Session

2019 Research and Thesis Project Poster Session

Friday, October 18th | 3:45 pm – 5:15 pm

Coordinators: Jennifer Tantia, PhD and Cecilia Fontanesi, PhD

American Dance Therapy Association and the Marian Chace Foundation hosting light refreshments

The ADTA Research and Practice committee invites submissions for the Annual Research & Thesis Project Poster Session. Please submit your innovative research or thesis project to be presented to your diverse dance/movement therapy colleagues from around the world in Miami, Florida.

Submissions are due no later than July 1, 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Please submit all poster session proposals to coordinators Jennifer Tantia (researchandpractice@adta.org) or Cecilia Fontanesi (fontanesi.cecilia@gmail.com). *Please follow the guidelines below. All elements of a research study are required, and those that do not include 1, 2, 3, 4 will not be accepted.

Poster Session Elements for Submission

  1. Thesis Project Poster Title (centered, bold top of page, 14 points, Times New Roman font)

2. APA (6th Edition) style poster abstract (300 words maximum, 12 point Times New Roman) that includes:

A. Explicitly identified research questions and/or objectives of the study

B. A clearly articulated research methodology that includes:

i. participant sample, data collection and data analysis

C. Presentation of findings in relation to the research question(s)

D. Conclusions and applications to dance/movement therapy

3. Presenter(s) name(s), **emails and biography (50 words maximum)

4. All submissions should be sent in electronic format via email as a word document. Please include “Poster Session 2019” in the subject line.

If you feel that your thesis work does not fit under these guidelines, please contact Research and Practice Chair, Jennifer Tantia at researchandpractice@adta.org PRIOR to the deadline date. You may be asked to edit, revise, or clarify your abstract or biography prior to acceptance. All submissions must include research question, methodology, and report of findings. You MUST be present at the conference for your poster to be displayed. We will no longer accept poster submissions without the researcher/writer present at the poster session as the discussions that occur during the poster session are rich and important to our poster session format.

Display requirements: All posters are required to be in large scale printed format in 36 by 48 inch (horizontal) size. You will be provided with one easel, foam board and clips to attach your poster to the foam board. We do not provide tables so please do not plan to use additional materials other than your poster (including computers). You may bring business cards or abridged versions of your study that you can hand out to individuals interested in learning more about your work. Additional resources and support will be provided for accepted projects. Trifold and hand-crafted posters are not accepted.

No equipment/materials deposit is required for the poster session.

Note: The Research and Practice committee will submit a selection of abstracts for publication in the American Journal of Dance Therapy.

*If you have conducted a literature review, capstone or self-study, your data collection, analysis and production of findings must be clearly stated in order to be considered for inclusion in the poster session. Studies without these elements will not be included.

**Please include the primary presenter’s email with the biography