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How it got started …

Starting at the Conference this past October and concluding at the 2016 Conference (in Washington DC), ADTA celebrates 50 years of supporting the profession of dance/movement therapy. We invite you to be a part of the movement!

Join the 50 Years/50 Ways to Advocate for Dance/Movement Therapy campaign!

Commit to advocating for Dance/Movement Therapy in your community, by taking an action to educate the public about DMT – big or small, all of it counts in the 50/50 campaign!!!

Need ideas? Check out our list of Public Advocacy Ideas on the tab below.


The Goal of This Campaign:

To educate groups in each of the 50 states of the US and each of the countries where dance therapists live and work! Send us information about what you’ve done and we’ll add it to our listing!!!!!

Here’s how!

  • Pledge to educate the public about Dance/Movement Therapy by sending your Name, City, State, Country, and email address to Robyn Cruz at robyncruz@comcast.net
  • OR, once you take action, send your Name, City, State, Country, the Group You Educated and Number of People in the Group to Robyn Cruz at robyncruz@comcast.net


Advocate for DMT in ADTA’s 50th year!

Join Us!

A Sampling of Actions You Can Take:

  1. Offer an in-service workshop where you work for colleagues unfamiliar with DMT
  2. Offer a free experiential group at a nursing home or group home
  3. Present a workshop at a nonprofit or for-profit organization
  4. Present at a national conference for an allied profession
  5. Apply to give a TEDx talk in your town
  6. Offer a “What is DMT?” lecture/experiential at your local university or college
  7. Offer a “What is DMT?” lecture/experiential at your local high school
  8. Offer to do a movement opening or closing at an allied profession’s conference
  9. Create YouTube videos and blogs speaking on dance therapy
  10. Create “guerilla” events with a flash mob dance number and then leave flyers behind about DMT

For the full list of 50 ideas, click here.


Our advocacy campaign is to co-sponsor “H. R. 4063 The PROMISE Act” and request Dance/Movement Therapy be added to “H.R. 4063 PROMISE Act – Title III – Complementary and Integrated Health SEC. 301. (b)(3) Expansion of Research and Education On and Delivery of Complementary and Integrative Health to Veterans.

The advocacy supporters on the map above have contacted people to garner support for the campaign.