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ADTA Recognition Award Recipients

Begun in 2006 – ADTA Recognition Award recipients are nominated by ADTA members and the Board of Directors to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the profession of dance/movement therapy and to ADTA. Annual Research Award recipients are chosen by the ADTA Research Subcommittee. To nominate someone for an award, click here.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Marcia Leventhal

President’s Award – Lora Wilson

Outstanding Achievement Award – Blog Team: Melinda Malher-Moran, Ande Welling, Lora Wilson

Excellence in Education Award – Dicki Johnson Macy

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Melody Gamba, Ebony Nichols, Stephan Reynolds

Exceptional Service Award – Naomi Arad Broome

Innovation Award – Charne’ Furcron and the Multicultural and Diversity Committee

Lifetime Achievement Award – Jane Wilson Cathcart

President’s Award – Sharon W. Goodill

Excellence in Education Award – Kalila Homann

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Rosey Puloka

Exceptional Service Award – The Illinois Chapter: Sara Heidbreder, Ashlea Palafox, Sondra Malling, Wei-Chiung Chen-Martinez

Abundance Award – Gloria Farrow

Innovation Award – Orit Krug

Lifetime Achievement Award – Linni Deihl & Deborah Thomas

President’s Award – Christina Devereaux & David Alan Harris

Outstanding Achievement Award – Tina Erfer, Joan Berkowitz, Eri Millrod, Naomi Arad Broome & Kristin Pollock

Excellence in Education Award – Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Lindsay Howard

Exceptional Service Award – Annabelle Coote

Abundance Award – Ann Lohn

Innovation Award – Lesley University Hybrid Program

Lifetime Achievement Award: Beth Kalish

President’s Award: Peter Norlin

President’s Award: Ellen Schelly Hill

Exceptional Service Award (National Level): Linni Deihl

Exceptional Service Award (Local Level): Concetta Torskie

Excellence in Education Award: Christine Caldwell

Outstanding Achievement Award: Lora Wilson Mau

Lifetime Achievement Award: Cynthia Berrol

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Angie Giordano-Adams

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Melinda Malher-Moran

Exceptional Service Award: Tina Erfer

Exceptional Service Award: Lori Baudino

Excellence in Education Award: Zoe Avstreih

Outstanding Achievement Award: Rainbow Tin Hung Ho

Abundance Award: MD/DC/VA Chapter

Innovation Award: Irina Biryukova

Innovation Award: Kim Dunphy

Innovation Award: Sue Mullane

Lifetime Achievement Award: Susan Loman

Leader of Tomorrow Award:  Sara van Koningsveld

Leader of Tomorrow Award:  Eve Hanan

Exceptional Service Award:  Mat Winer

Excellence in Education Award:  Danielle Fraenkel

Outstanding Achievement Award:  Vonie Stillson

President’s Award: Robyn Flaum Cruz


Research Award: Sabine Koch – Rhythm is it: effects of dynamic body feedback on affect and attitudes. Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 5. Article 537. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00537

Lifetime Achievement Award: Susan Kleinman

Excellence in Education Award: Sabine Koch

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Ande Welling

Outstanding Achievement Award: Laura Downey Novak

Exceptional Service Award-International: Alicia (Alice) Garfias

Exceptional Service Award-National: Donna Newman-Bluestein

Exceptional Service Award-Local: Pattee Russell-Curry

President’s Award: Gloria Farrow


Lifetime Achievement Award: Sharon Chaiklin

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Akiko “Kiki” Nishida

Exceptional Service Award: Patricia Capello

Excellence in Education Award: Nana Koch

Abundance Award: Christine Hopkins

Outstanding Achievement Award: California Chapter of the ADTA

President’s Award: Dr. Harris Chaiklin


Lifetime Achievement Award – Judith Richardson Bunney

Outstanding Achievement Award – Zvika Frank

Excellence in Education Award – Lenore Hervey

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Laura Allen & Michelle Gaudreau

Exceptional Service Award – Meghan Dempsey, Kalila Homann, Amanda Wilkinson

Research Award – Therapeutic processes and clinical outcomes of body psychotherapy in chronic schizophrenia, an open clinical trial

Frank Röhricht, MD, FRCPsycha

Nina Papadopoulos, B.Soc. Sci. Hons (Psych.), P.G. Dip. DMTb,c

Sarah Holden, P.G. Dip. DMTc

Tom Clarke, RMN, Mad

Stefan Priebe, MD, FRCPsyche




Lifetime Acheivement Award – Elissa Queyquep White

Outstanding Achievement Award – Amber Gray

Excellence in Education Award – Pamela Fairweather & Phyllis Jeswald

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Ty Tedmon-Jones

Exceptional Service Award – Suzy Rossol Matheson

International Panel Service Award – Shoichi Machida, Riitta Parvia, Dr. Maralia Reca, & Jocelyne Vaysse


Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Joan Chodorow

President’s Award – Stacey Hurst

Outstanding Achievement Award – Susan Kleinman

Excellence in Education Award – Rena Kornblum

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Nancy Tonsy

Exceptional Service Award – Jody Wager

Research Award – Allison Winters, “Emotion, Embodiment, and Mirror Neurons in Dance/Movement Therapy: A Connection Across Disciplines.” American Journal of Dance Therapy


Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Dianne Dulicai

President’s Award – Dr. Christina Devereaux

Outstanding Achievement Award – Ellen Schelly-Hill

Excellence in Education Award – Naropa Dance/Movement Therapy Program Faculty

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Lora Wilson

Exceptional Service Award – Sheila Gilstein

Research Award – Corinna Brown, “The Importance of Making Art for the Creative Arts Therapist: An Artistic Inquiry.” Arts in Psychotherapy


Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger

Outstanding Achievement Award – New York Chapter of ADTA

Excellence in Education Award – Linni Deihl

Leader of Tomorrow Award – David Alan Harris

Exceptional Service Award – Leslie Best

Research Award – David Alan Harris, “Dance/Movement Therapy Approaches to Fostering Resilience and Recovery Among African Adolescent Torture Survivors.” Torture: Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture; and Sabine Koch “Specific effects of a single dance intervention on psychiatric patients with depression.”  Arts in Psychotherapy


Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Claire Schmais

President’s Award – Sharon Chaiklin

Outstanding Achievement Award – Susan Rizzo Vincent

Excellence in Education Award – Susan Imus

Leader of Tomorrow Award – Shannon Lengerich

Exceptional Service Award – Marylee Hardenbergh & Joan Wittig

Annual Recognition Awards Category Descriptions and Nomination Criteria

President’s Award

The President’s Award is given to a member who has (1) achieved distinction in the field, or (2) rendered outstanding service to their community, or (3) rendered outstanding service to, and demonstrated loyal interest in the ADTA. Members of the Board of Directors of the American Dance Therapy Association are also eligible for this award. Selection for award recipient comes from ADTA President. This award will be given on an as needed basis and at the discretion of the President.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded annually in recognition of an ADTA member who has made a specific, significant contribution to their local town, city, county and/or chapter for the advancement of the field of dance/movement therapy. Nominees for this award may be made by Board members and voted upon by the BOD.

Excellence in Education Recognition Award

This is awarded on an as-needed basis in recognition of outstanding education in dance/movement therapy. Recipients could be educators of ADTA approved, non-approved, international, or alternate route training courses. This is awarded to an ADTA member who had made a specific, significant contribution and demonstrated excellence in the education of dance/movement therapists. Nominees for this award may be made by the Education Committee and the members of the Board and voted upon by the BOD.

Exceptional Service Award

This Award(s) is given annually and can be nominated by or given to board members, chapter members, chapter leaders, committee members for exceptional service in their local regions to the ADTA and/or chapter. Several Exceptional Service Awards could be awarded each year as determined by the selection process. Nominees for this award may be made by Board members, chapter members, chapter leaders, committee chairs, or any ADTA member and voted upon by the BOD.

Leader of Tomorrow Award

ADTA_Award_WideThis award is given to a dance/movement therapist and Professional Member of the ADTA who demonstrates leadership within the first five years after becoming a Professional member of the ADTA. Criteria for the award are based on significant achievement, such as serving in Chapter leadership roles, creating a program for providing dance/movement therapy services, advocacy in regulatory or legislative affairs, completing or publishing a research project, public relations/marketing achievements, winning a grant or other successes. More than one award can be given each year. Nominees for this award may be made in conjunction with the Members-at-Large, Chapter Leaders, and members of the Board voted upon by the BOD. This person should be in the field for less than five years.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ADTA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a specific individual for her or his lifelong and significant contribution to the American Dance Therapy Association and to the growth and development of the profession of dance/movement therapy. Nominations for this award are made and voted upon by the ADTA Board of Directors.

Abundance Award

The ADTA Abundance Award is given to an individual or individuals who demonstrate extraordinary achievement or service in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Fiscal Leadership in the ADTA or an ADTA Chapter
  2. Initiating and/or expediting significant generation of revenue or cost savings to increase capacity and/or impact of the ADTA.

Award recipients will have utilized proactive, visionary approaches in addressing complex challenges rebutting the scarcity-thinking approach and will exhibit qualities of innovation, vision, customization and hopefulness. Nominations for this award may be made by Board members, chapter members, chapter leaders, committee chairs, or any ADTA member. The award selection is made by a vote of the ADTA Board of Directors.

Innovation Award

This Award(s) is given annually to individual(s) who have made a specific contribution to the field of dance/movement therapy through new, alternate and creative ways. Recipients can be members of the ADTA or individuals associated with dance/movement therapy and can be nominated by any member of the ADTA and voted upon by the BOD.