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The Foundation’s Educational Mission

Educating the Public   

Dance/Movement Therapy is a profession based upon body-mind relationships. Concepts of dance and movement are used psychotherapeutically in a process to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual integration of clients. Practitioners work with individuals of all ages and with a wide range of emotional and physical problems.

The principles and practice of the dance/movement therapy profession are not well understood by the public or other health and educational professionals. The Marian Chace Foundation (MCF) is dedicated to introducing the power of communicative dance and body awareness as treatment in health and educational settings.

Educating Professionals

The Foundation also works to further educate those in the dance/movement therapy profession. An annual Marian Chace Foundation Lecture Series sponsors scholars whose lectures are then published in the American Journal of Dance Therapy. See right-hand column for past speakers in this series.

Grants are awarded for both educating the public as well as enabling further knowledge of the profession through research and other projects. These are then written as an article for the American Journal of Dance Therapy (AJDT).


Past MCF Lecture Series Speakers Include:

  • 1990 Alma Hawkins, PhD
  • 1991 Ruthanna Boris
  • 1992 Pearl Primus, PhD
  • 1993 Elissa White
  • 1994 Marion North, PhD
  • 1995 Jean Erdman & Pearl  Lang
  • 1996 Beth Kalish, PhD & Irma Dosamantes-Beaudry, PhD
  • 1997 Bill T. Jones
  • 1998 Claire Schmais, PhD
  • 1999 Joan Chodorow, PhD
  • 2000 Deborah Hay
  • 2001 Norma Canner
  • 2002 Penny Lewis, PhD
  • 2003 Muse: Cycle of Life Through the Arts
  • 2004 Dianne Dulicai, PhD
  • 2005 Judith Lynne Hanna, PhD
  • 2006 Allegra Fuller Snyder
  • 2007 Marcia B. Leventhal, PhD
  • 2008 Carolyn Grant Fay
  • 2009 Janet Adler, PhD
  • 2010 Suzi Tortora, EdD
  • 2011 Miriam Roskin Berger, DA
  • 2012 Judith Bunney
  • 2013  Fran Levy,EdD
  • 2014 Lenore Wadsworth Hervey, PhD
  • 2015 Marylee Hardenbergh
  • 2016 Sharon (Sherry) W. Goodill, PhD
  • 2017 Robyn Flaum Cruz, PhD
  • 2018 Christine Caldwell, PhD
  • 2019 Nana Koch, EdD

These lectures are all available yearly in the American Journal of Dance Therapy. Past issues may be ordered.