Ethics Compliance

DMTCB Ethics Compliance

The Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board (DMTCB) develops and promotes high ethical standards for dance/movement therapists. DMTCB requires that registered and board certified dance/movement therapists meet these standards. Disciplinary procedures are used for processing complaints of possible violations of these ethics standards.

These procedures are applicable to DMTCB certificants and applicants for DMTCB certification. When dance/movement therapists apply for certification or recertification, they agree to abide by the DMTCB policies, including the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Ethical Practice and the Ethics Case Procedures (see links at right).


Any person, group or, in appropriate cases, DMTCB, may initiate an ethics case and act as a complainant. A complainant other than DMTCB must: contact the DMTCB Chairperson and complete the Ethics Charge Statement form (see link below).

Click here for DMTCB Ethics Case Procedures.
Click here for DMTCB Ethics Charge Statement Form.
Click here for the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

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