Greetings, Dear Colleagues:

As we approach the ADTA’s 51st Annual Conference, we are asking our membership to participate in an exciting initiative – an all online, #50Years50Ways advocacy strategy!

We know that Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), is a champion for so many causes that we as dance/movement therapists hold dear to our hearts: mental health, nutrition, physical activity, access to dance and the arts for children everywhere, and so much more. We also know that this year our conference – in addition to being a major milestone celebration for our organization – is taking place in her “backyard.” Which leads us to ask…

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have Michelle Obama join us for #ADTA51?!?

We want YOU to help us engage our FLOTUS, through a social media campaign happening on Tuesday, September 27, 2016! In our wildest dreams, the First Lady will join us for our conference weekend this October. And in our not-so-wild, but still exciting dreams: she will be intrigued enough to look more into dance/movement therapy (DMT) and learn about the amazing and transformative work we do.

This is how you can help:

On Tuesday, September 27 (that’s next week!) use your preferred, favorite, and/or most influential social media platform to make at least ONE post or re-post/re-tweet to Michelle Obama or her “Let’s Move” Campaign. If every single member of the ADTA did this, we’d have an amazing DMT showing to the First Lady!

Our initiative will include a Thunderclap (an “online flashmob”) page for you to easily find engage and share on social media. Use the Thunderclap link to help you get ideas and content – we will send our specific link out so stay posted!

To reach Michelle Obama, we are targeting the following pages and handles (places where you can post, share, like, and comment about DMT):

    • Michelle Obama’s Primary Accounts:
      • Twitter – @FLOTUS
      • Twitter – @MichelleObama
      • Facebook – Michelle Obama
      • Instagram – @michelleobama
      • Snapchat – ‘MichelleObama’
    • Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign:

And have created suggested messages:

Why our first lady loves dance therapy – even if she doesn’t know it yet.

    • FLOTUS + dance therapists = Kindred Spirits
    • Dance with us!
    • All we want for our 50th birthday is to dance with our amazing FLOTUS.
    • Dreaming of dancing with our amazing FLOTUS.
    • Won’t you dance with us?
    • We’re coming to your neighborhood in October – won’t you come dance with us?
    • Link anything to our website – – so that people know how to contact us!

As well as some suggestions for hashtags (recommend using 2-3 per post for greatest impact!):

    • #ADTA51
    • #50Years50Ways
    • #letsmoveMO2016
    • #dancewithFLOTUS
    • #(yourstate) (add where you are from in the hashtag or message, so that the First Lady can see we are coming from all over to celebrate the impact of dance/movement therapy!)

And finally, here are some links on using these social media platforms, if you are new to social media:

We truly hope you will take one minute (that’s seriously all it will take!) to help us spread the word and invite Michelle Obama to join us at #ADTA51. Mark your calendars, set an alarm, and join with us to advocate for DMT!

Dreaming with you,

The American Dance Therapy Association