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Committee Description

The Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) works to increase multicultural awareness, knowledge, and competency in the organizational structure of the ADTA, its membership community and related academic training, practice, and research areas of dance/movement therapy. MDC works to ensure that existing mono-cultural barriers to diversity and multiculturalism are mitigated. The committee is responsible for developing, communicating, and maintaining inclusive perspectives that respect and recognize all individuals and groups. The MDC promotes the retention of multicultural and diverse professional and student members through outreach Affinity Groups. The MDC produces resources and projects that inform or advise the Board of Directors and the ADTA membership on multicultural perspectives.

Committee Chair

Charne’ Furcron

Contact Charne’ to get involved:

Committee Members

  • Akiko “kiki” Nishida
  • Christine Hopkins
  • Heidi Wentworth
  • Julia Cuccaro
  • Warin Tapayayone
  • Kimberlee Bow
  • Meg Chang
  • Heidi Langraf
  • Rosey Puloka

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are forming to serve as resources to student and professional dance/movement therapists. Get involved by contacting an affinity group representative! Some groups are actively meeting and some need YOUR energy to get moving.

Asian Asian-American Affinity Group (AAAAG)

Due to the growth in the profession of dance/movement therapy, we now have dance/movement therapists serving in countries across the globe. The American Dance Therapy Association has set and monitored standards for the professionals and has been supportive to members and allied professionals. However, according to the International Caucus Meeting Survey, there are concerns in the following areas: Education/Research information/resources, Connection/networking, Emotional Support, and Career/Supervision in the USA and/or back to ones own country. In the small number of DMT’s-of-color, Asians are probably the most numerous number. In an effort to address the concerns above, as Asian dance/movement therapists abroad, we feel an Asian Asian-American Affinity Group may be beneficial to many members.


To establish an Asian Asian-American Affinity Group to provide a community for Asian & Asian/American DMTs as well as any persons interested in the DMT field and is seeking information about DMT and the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA).


  1. To provide educational and research information relating to DMT and encourage Asian DMTs to conduct clinical DMT research.
  2. To establish a communications medium within Asian DMTs as well as national DMT communities.
  3. To foster a supportive environment for perspective, new, and existing Asian DMTs.
  4. To provide needed information pertaining to employment in the USA, as well as ones own country.


Warin Tepayayone , Akiko N. Yokokawa, and Meg Chang will act as senior advisors. A leadership team will be appointed to carry on day to day tasks.

Policy & Procedure


AAAAG shall be a network that provides support, networking, and information sharing. AAAAG WILL NOT allow any members to use this network for any commercial purposes without getting the permission from AAAAG leaders.

Goals of Participation

AAAAG is welcome to Creative Arts Therapy students and professionals who are interested in sharing one’s experiences/knowledge in the DMT field, getting support from other Asian dance/movement therapists and/or learning about working with Asian population.

Leadership Team

AAAAG shall have a leadership team (including 2 leaders) to oversee and encourage group interactions, attend to any inquires submitted to the group, and coordinate a gathering during the ADTA annual conferences. Leadership team must be a member of the ADTA as well as R-DMT or BC-DMT. All positions will be two-year term with the option of running for an additional year. New leadership team shall be chosen by self nomination or nomination by others.


Because AAAAG welcomes any persons interested in DMT, the group is open to ADTA members as well as non-ADTA members. If, however, current leadership team and/or any other group members determine any members to be of harm to the group, they will first be given a written warning then asked to leave the group. AAAAG membership requires an individual to be/hold one of these designations: Dance/Movement Therapy student, Dance/Movement Therapy professional, ADTA member, A Professional in a related field with AAAAG approval. An individual may be asked to show some proved document if needed.

Ethical Issues

AAAAG will abide by the ADTA Ethics & Standards. Current leadership team is responsible to oversee all communications and transactions that take place via AAAAG email list, AAAAG Facebook, and in gatherings at the ADTA annual conferences. Any ethical violations found or questioned by current leaders and/or other members will undergo investigation till resolved.


Help the membership of the ADTA to grow. Guide the Asian DMTs as they navigate their way through their profession.

Future Plans/Ideas

Create an Asian Dance Therapy Conference in an Asian Country.

Facebook Page

AAAAG team now has created a Facebook page as a communication channel!!!!!!!

Within this media Asian professionals can share educational information, research, and concerns related to being an Asian DMT abroad and at home. This tool should foster and encourage a supportive environment for the all potential as well as existing Asian DMTs. AAAAG also offers a support to all members who are interested in Asian Culture. Members can also reach us at

Please visit us at “Asian/Asian-American Affinity Group” Facebook Page.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA+) Affinity Group

Contact coordinator: Rosey Puloka –

Mission: The LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group provides a space for LGBTQIA+ dance/movement therapists to gather, dialogue, build relationship, and create community.

Vision: The LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group envisions all LGBTQIA+ members to feel seen, heard, felt, and welcomed in the American Dance Therapy Association.

Values: The LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group values intersectional feminist approaches to relationship and collective liberation. By valuing intersectional feminism this group acknowledges the ways in which overlapping systems of oppression affect its members, those we serve, and the organization at large. By valuing collective liberation we dismiss the common one savior narrative and instead view the strength of our wholeness as greater than the sum of our parts.

This group is for anyone who:

  • Identifies as LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex) + stands for the infinite amount of identities related to sexual orientation and gender identity that are not included in LGBTQI.
  • Identifies as questioning or curious
  • Identifies as two-spirit or any other non-western gender identity or sexual orientation

*If you are straight and cisgender and would like to practice allyship please consider joining the Allies for Social Justice Group.

Social Media:

Spirituality Affinity Group


  • Spirituality is an integral aspect of healing
  • Physical, emotional, and mental healing can occur on a deeper level if spirituality is also addressed and part of the process
  • There are many, many spiritual and religious paths with value, importance, and significance
  • Each person is unique and each person is similar to others in various ways including spiritual ways
  • Examining one’s own values, culture, and customs increases one’s ability to see another’s perspective and point of view


  • To help dance/movement therapists identify their own spiritual path
  • To find ways for dance/movement therapists to incorporate spirituality into therapy in ethical, appropriate, and therapeutic ways
  • To provide a safe place for dance/movement therapists of different spiritual paths to share insight and informatio
  • To assist dance/movement therapists in letting go of old ways of thinking about “us” vs. “them” in all aspects of life and in therapy in particular
  • To develop new relationships with people traveling different or similar spiritual paths in the dance/movement therapy community
  • To explore new ways of helping clients value, think about, and experience spirituality

Coordinator: Heidi McCardell Wentworth, LPC, R-DMT, NCC

Please feel free to contact her at

Join the Native American Affinity Group

This list includes Inuit people, Yupik peoples, Aleut people, Alaskan Natives, Native Americans, First Nations, Métis, Indigenous Mexicans, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Indigenous identity is a complex and contested issue and differs from country to country in the Americas.

  •  Are you a Native American DMT student or professional who wants to create a community with other Indigenous DMT students or professionals?
  • Are you a Native American DMT student or professional who does not feel as connected to the ADTA as you would have hoped?
  • Have you produced or published DMT or mental health research on Native American populations and wish to have a support community to publish professionally?