Practice Analysis

The Practice Analysis was named by the Board of Directors as a Vision 2016 strategic project, and conducted via an online survey in the summer of 2016.  The report provides a wealth of information about DMT careers, elements and scope of practice, and clinical supervision. Included in the report is a brief review of the methodology used for the survey and analysis of survey data. We hope that this first full practice analysis by and for the ADTA is useful to professional dance/movement therapists who are making decisions about their own careers or advocating for new positions and for those in the society who can benefit from dance/movement therapy services, to those educating new dance/movement therapists, or conducting research. The ADTA intends to repeat the practice analysis on a periodic basis, and the project team for this Vision 2016 project has submitted recommendations to the ADTA board to inform the next practice analysis by the ADTA.

Please adhere to the following:

  • The report in full may not be distributed via listserv, or social media by any entity other than the ADTA and its agents
  • No commercial use of the Practice Analysis is permitted

ADTA Practice Analysis

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