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Committee Description

The Public Relations Committee functions to inform and promote the science and art of dance/movement therapy to the general public and the health/medical community.  Promotions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Press Releases
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Displays
  • Videos
  • Electronic Communications, including website and Forum
  • Speeches and Presentations

Lora Wilson Mau (534x640)

Committee Chair

Lora Wilson Mau

Contact Lora to get involved:

PR Subcommitees:

  • Blog:  Ande Welling (Editor in Chief/Team Leader); Melinda Mahler-Moran (Media Manager);  Jennifer Giuglianotti; Natasha Levitas (Staff Writer/Manager) Staff Writers: Darci Nelson; Molly Arney; Karla Karpowicz; Ashley Duquette; Jennifer Mueller
  • Facebook: Lora Wilson Mau (Team Leader) Melinda Malher- Moran
  • Instagram: Brianna Martin (Team Leader)
  • LinkedIn: Sara Van Koningsveld (Team Leader)
  • Pinterest: Brianna Martin (Team Leader); Angie Giordano-Adams, Elizabeth Rutten-Ng, Audrey Albert King
  • Twitter: Lora Wilson Mau (Team Leader) Melinda Malher- Moran
  • WebTeam: Lora Wilson Mau, Gloria Farrow, Renee Wolfe, Jody Wager
  • YouTube: Angie Giordano-Adams (team leader)

ADTA Spokesperson: Donna Newman Bluestein

PR Committee Members:

  • Angie Giordano-Adams
  • Melinda Malher-Moran
  • Brianna Martin
  • Sara Van Koningsveld
  • Kamahria Hopkins
  • Jennifer Giuglianotti
  • Ande Welling
  • Pattee Russell-Curry
  • Elizabeth Rutten-Ng
  • Kamahria Hopkins
  • Audrey Albert King
  • Michele Lemelo
  • Darci Nelson
  • Danielle Brown
  • Brigitta White
  • Molly Arney
  • Natasha Levitas
  • Karla Karpowicz
  • Ashley Duquette
  • Jennifer Mueller
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